According to a report released this week, teen pregnancy is up for the first time in 16 years. Here’s the surprising part (not really): Experts believe the increase is the result of abstinence-only sex education in schools.

Encouraging abstinence is fine, but kids are still going to have sex. They’re walking around all day like loaded weapons and they need some safety education, not denial and Puritanism.


Children have shown that if they are given all the accurate information, such as STD rates, information on contraceptives , and the risks of pregnancies, they are on average more likely to make the best decisions. We can’t teach only abstinence programs, down playing the effectiveness of contraceptives, and then expect those teenagers who do choose to have sexual intercourse to use condoms to protect themselves. Why would anyone, much less a raging teenager, think it was important to use an object, such as a condom, that they are constantly told doesn’t work? I believe that this article finally sheds light on the fact that the programs used in the school systems today aren’t working. We need to inform our children of all the possible options, of course, stating that abstinence is the best choice and  is the only one that is one hundred percent safe, but never down playing the importance of the use of condoms if and when the person decides to have sex.

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In honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, the actress-turned-lifestyle guru has dedicated this week’s GOOP to a serious discussion about homosexuality and the Bible. But first, she explains her own views.

The actress admits that she doesn’t really understand the idea of homosexuality being morally wrong.

“When my daughter came home from school one day saying that a classmate had two mommies,” she recalls, “my response was, ‘Two mommies? How lucky is she?!’ What does it actually say in the bible that will cause some people to be upset by my line of thinking?”

I think that this post is wonderful because Gwyneth Paltrow just voices her opinion and I love her perspective. I agree that it would be a very lucky child to have two mothers, they wouldn’t need for nourishment or love, and would get all the attention they need. I can understand how it is believed that a two parent household is better, yet what the saying actually means is that a man and women, the mother and father, household is better, and I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. Children don’t need a man and a women, they need love and care, and a safe place to call home. It shouldn’t matter whether or not the household is a man-women household, a two father household, or a two mother household, they can each sufficiently raise a child.
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Female Stereotypes:
Representation in Popular Culture

Competing in a male dominated field such as business, women feel the pressures of having to legitimate their position. This need to excel in all areas is a byproduct of the unfair stereotype of women.

Women’s representation in popular culture facilitates the stereotype of the simple-minded, emotional, and domesticated female. This is perpetuated through various forms of media, including movies, cartoons, and television.

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It seems that women  throughout history have always gotten the short end of the stick. We are  paid less than men in the same positions, and expected to do the same amount of work, sometimes more, such as getting someone a drink or picking up lunch for the office. Women are never taken seriously and rarely ever given credit for the accomplishments that we do make. . Sometimes I find it a little disheartening that women have advanced so little in history, and at times are still seen the same way we were a hundred plus years ago. Shouldn’t it be our obligation as women to seek complete equality in all aspects of life?

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